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About Us

San Mateo Gymnastics has been operating since 1977 under Margaret Morrison’s ownership. We originally started at a small facility in San Mateo, CA which is how we got our name. We grew by leaps and bounds, which forced us to find a larger building and relocate to Belmont, CA in 1987 and we have been here ever since. Our facility houses all of the Olympic equipment for men and women, in addition to in-ground foam pits, trampolines and a TumbleTrak. Each year our instructors attend the Regional Congress for up-to-date training to follow the USAG standards. SMG provides a variety of gymnastics for all levels. We offer classes for kids from walking to 18 years of age. Our recreational classes include Munchkins, Girls, Boys, Acrobatic, Teens, and Tumbling. For students that progress to higher levels, we offer a full competitive program following USA Gymnastics Level 3 through Elite for both men and women. The athletes compete in State, Regional, National and International competitions.


Rules and Policies


Statements will be emailed mid-month and due the LAST WEEK OF EACH MONTH FOR THE UPCOMING MONTH. Payments received on or after the 1st will be charged a $5.00 late fee. All bank returned checks will incur a $25.00 charge. There are no refunds!

San Mateo Gymnastics is not obligated to give refunds and does not pro-rate any of its classes for absences. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GIVE THE FRONT OFFICE A TWO WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE of your intention to discontinue classes. If you fail to do this you will be charged tuition until you notify us.

Annual Registration

For secondary insurance and administrative costs, $50.00 per year.


With 2 or more children enrolled you will receive a 10% discount on monthly fees. Children attending more than one class per week will receive a 5% monthly tuition discount.

Late Policy & Warm-Up

For your child’s safety please arrive on time. Students arriving 10 or more minutes late will not be allowed to participate in class. The warm-up is very important to your child’s safety.

Make-Ups (NEW POLICY) effective Oct. 1st 2018

Your child will be allowed to schedule 1 make-up per month per class enrolled. The absence must be called in prior to the start of class (no exceptions) and the make-up must be scheduled at the time the absence is called in. Make-ups may not be rescheduled for any reason once it has been scheduled and you must be currently enrolled in our program to be eligible for make-ups. Once your child is dropped from our program you forfeit any and all make-ups. If your child has been injured please provide the front desk with a doctor’s note with the date of injury and return date and you will be able to schedule make-ups for ALL missed classes upon return. Make-up classes are held at designated times and are not available in other classes.


There are no make-ups for holidays. They are fixed into the monthly tuition rates. Scheduled holidays are:

  • New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day & the following day
  • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day 

We will be closed the last week of August and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Dress Code

Girls must wear a one-piece leotard. Tights without feet may be worn. Two-piece leotards or leotards with a skirt or tutus are not permitted. Hair must be tied up neatly. Boys can wear t-shirts and shorts or sweats without pockets. No large, baggy clothes or jeans. No zippers, snaps, buttons or jewelry allowed.

Insurance Restrictions

Due to insurance restrictions and for the safety of your child, no one is allowed in the training area before class begins or without an instructor. When class is over, the gymnast must leave the training area. The instructors will need to start the next class and therefore cannot supervise them. Only registered gymnasts are allowed in the training area. Our insurance does not allow parents or non-registered students in the training area, except during Munchkin & Me classes. Adults may not wear children or have siblings on the floor.


Unless otherwise specified in writing by the parent and/or guardian, San Mateo Gymnastics has permission to photograph your child for future use without compensation. Additionally, for the safety and privacy of our clients, we ask you to refrain from photographing children other than your own. When posting SMG photos to social media websites be certain to omit others unless their permission has been granted.

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Shared Responsibility

SMG provides the most up-to-date equipment, specified by USA Gymnastics, including all training aids designed to increase safety to a maximum.

We have a teaching staff that is a team of dedicated, experienced, professional coaches who are continually developing and advancing their skills in the areas of safety and gymnastics techniques.

We truly believe that a child with a background in gymnastics will have the physical and mental awareness to master many tasks that are required in other sports.

We have a year-round program. All students have a planned, progressive program of development. Evaluation is constant and switching to another class should ONLY be done when advised by the coaching staff, this will ensure greater productivity and consistency of learning for your child.

We require that ALL students are picked up promptly after class. This is for your child’s safety. Our staff will continue teaching and therefore will be unable to accept other responsibilities.

We aim to give you the highest standard of service. In order to do this and for reasons of safety, parent/child communication during lessons is strictly forbidden. Unattended siblings are also a safety hazard and are not permitted in San Mateo Gymnastics Center.

By sharing the above responsibilities we will provide the opportunity for the furtherance and benefit of all our students, gymnastics, and each other.

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What is the Tuition policy?

Tuition payments are due the last week of each month for the upcoming month. Payments made on or after the 1st will incur a late fee.

Will we receive a monthly statement?

You will receive a statement via email mid-month.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, there is a $50 annual registration fee per child. Due at sign-up and each year during the duration of their enrollment.

Does SMG offer discounts?

SMG offers a 10% discount on monthly fees for families with 2 or more children enrolled. Children attending more than one class per week will receive a 5% monthly tuition discount. We DO NOT offer discounts on the registration fee.

If we miss a class, can we do a make-up?

Your child is allowed 1 make-up per month, per class enrolled.

What if we want to STOP taking classes?

We are a year-round program. If your child wishes to stop attending, we require a written two-week notice to do so. Failure to notify the office of your child’s intention to discontinue classes will result in continuing to be charged for the class.

What if we want to take a BREAK?

During the summer months of June, July and August we offer a SUMMER HOLD. By paying a ½ month’s tuition for any or all of the summer months, you can save your space in the class when you return from vacation.

What does my child wear to class?

Girls must wear a one-piece leotard or swimsuit. No skirts or tutus are allowed. Tights without feet may be worn. No jewelry other than post earrings can be worn. Boys can wear t-shirts and shorts or sweats without pockets, zippers, snaps or buttons.

I have twins. Can I attend the Munchkin & Me class with both of them?

Our policy for Munchkin & Me is one adult to one child. Both children may attend the class but a second adult must attend the class as well.

Does SMG offer an open workout time?

Yes! Enrolled students, age 6 and older, may attend Open Gym held on Saturdays from 2-4 p.m. for a small fee.

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