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SMG Level 10 Gymnasts Compete at JO Nationals

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At Nationals, the gymnasts compete as members of regional age-group teams, but after all the scores were tallied up by club, SMG came in 6th overall. This is not an official ranking but it’s fun see these results.

We were excited to cheer on our team gymnasts from home. They are an impressive group of young women and we are so proud to have them at SMG. It’s been a season full of highlights won through their hard work and determination. All of the Level 10 gymnasts inspire us. There are tons of girls in our community who look up and see what these strong women can do every day at practice, whether it’s the progressive return from injury or a huge skill. They just don’t stop.

Thank you to all optionals gymnasts this season for your dedication to the sport. You are fantastic role models for the girls around you.  Thank you to all of the optionals coaches: Melia, Ashot, Armen, Oksana, Penny, Kyle, Josh, and Hanah. We are frequently impressed, and touched by your commitment to this team.