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Senior Profile – Liah Bosworth

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We are very excited for the seniors graduating from SMG. We invited them to answer a few questions about their time at San Mateo and plans for the future. This week we profile Liah Bosworth wishing her the best of luck as she heads off to college.

Liah tells us that she will continue to train this summer and she intends to spend the summer travelling, spending time with friends and family, and at the beach and movies. She plans to attend summer session at UC Davis before starting in the fall.

We asked her some fun questions that take a peek in to her Junior Olympics career.

Q : If you could go back in time and talk to yourself on pre-team, what would you say?

Liah : I would be honest and say that it’s going to be a long journey where you will want to give up and quit several times, but to push through and keep going because it’s all worth it when you look back and see how far you’ve come. 

Q : What was your hardest skill to get in compulsories?

Liah : The hardest skills to get in compulsories was probably my mill circle on bars or front handspring on vault. I didn’t make any mill circles all of level 3 and did a triple block on vault before arching off and running out of it.

Q : Is there a meet that stands out as very memorable during your time with SMG?

Liah : Out of all the meets at SMG, I really enjoyed Gymnastics in Paradise. I love traveling far places, so Hawaii with the team was really fun and exciting for me! 

Q : What will you miss the most from SMG?

Liah :  I’m definitely going to miss all the people at SMG the most. Everyone at the gym is so friendly and I have loved getting to know them all. The friendships I have made here are so special to me and I’m going to miss seeing everybody while I’m away.