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NorCal South Level 3 State Championships

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The Level 3 team (AKA The Fierce Five) did an outstanding job at the Nor-Cal South State Championship. The meet took place on Nov 16 and 17th at the Red Morton Community Center in Redwood City.  All girls scored in the top 3 places for AA. Sophia’s AA score earned her a place on the NorCal L3 State Team, as she placed 2nd for the entire competition, out of 297 gymnasts. Lumi and Kara scored their personal bests for vault and AA. Abigail scored her personal best for vault and floor, and Rukhshona scored her personal best for vault, beam, floor and AA. These successes would not have been possible without their amazing coaches- Ashot, Penny, Lucy and Kyle. The girls and their families thank them for all their hard work!